Volga Shipping enters international association Port of Hamburg Marketing

Source: Port of Hamburg

Port of Hamburg Marketing, an association numbering over 290 members is focused on common interests of European, international and Russian companies operating in the market of logistics and cargo transportation.

For Volga Shipping, HHM membership opens new opportunities in extension of contacts with European partners as well as prospects in obtaining high quality analytics based on the Port of Hamburg statistics. Joint activities and participation in sector-specific events, international exhibitions and conferences focused on a wide range of up-to-date subject matters and market trends will be of special significance for both parties.

Port of Hamburg Marketing is an ideal platform for networking with the top class cargo owners and charterers interested in export/import transportation. We believe that participation of Volga Shipping in this international association will let us provide our partners and clients with maximum information about our capabilities, contribute to the company’s competitiveness and serve as an additional instrument for a promising business development”, Igor Aleshkin, Commercial Director of Volga Shipping, comments on joining the Association.

About Volga Shipping

Established in 1843, Volga Shipping is one of Russia’s largest shipping enterprises. The fleet under operational management of the company numbers about 250 units with a total deadweight exceeding 1.4 million tonnes. In 2020, the company transported over 14.5 million tonnes of cargo.

The range of services offered by Volga Shipping includes: transportation of dry bulk, general, liquid bulk and project cargo along inland water ways of Russia by river-sea and international routes.

Port of Hamburg Marketing (Hafen Hamburg Marketing e.V., HHM) is a marketing association founded in 1985. The key focus of ННМ is to establish and develop business contacts with the industry, trade and transport businesses in compliance with the interests of the Association members.


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