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Valenciaport strengthens collaboration in sustainability, innovation and new business opportunities with Brazil

A Brazilian business delegation has visited the Port of Valencia. The meeting brought Valencian and Brazilian companies and investors into contact with one another. Aurelio Martínez, President of the Port Authority of Valencia (APV): “Brazil is the seventh country with the most commercial relations with Valenciaport. Businessmen must know that València is here, as a strategic hub or as an investment pole”. In the first nine months of the year, Valenciaport has handled a total of 1,783,827 tonnes of products to/from Brazil. Source: Valenciaport Sustainability, innovation and new business opportunities have focused the interest of a delegation of about a hundred businessmen and government representatives from Brazil (Brazil Export) in the working visit they have made to the Port of Valencia. A meeting which has served to strengthen the commercial links between the logistics-port community of Valencia and the Brazilian country. “Brazil is going to be one of the great powers of the 21st century. By countries, Brazil is the seventh with the most trade relations with Valenciaport: more than 200,000 containers come from Brazil every year, some of them bound for Spain and others are redistributed to the rest of the countries of the Mediterranean Sea. Businessmen must know

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