How tourism can forge a path to net zero

Source: CLIA During COP27 held in Egypt last month, the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) urged the tourism industry to take urgent action to reach net zero, and discussed the pathways to achieve measurement and decarbonisation, as well as regeneration and finance. According to the latest “United in Science” Report, CO2 emissions are on the rise with atmospheric greenhouse gas (GHG) concentrations reaching record levels driving rapid climate change which in turn threatens our way of life on earth. There is an urgent need to for every individual or corporate to take action.  Nobody can afford to be complacent as climate change intensifies and takes a toll on socio-economic development.  Common challenges across our industry to reach our net zero targets range from accurate emission measurement and reporting, to a fragmented regulatory landscape, insufficient budgets or hard to replace infrastructure. There are subsectors where costs for transformation can be prohibitive, resulting in a long-transition to net zero. Such is the case for asset-heavy sectors in the travel and tourism industry: aviation, cruise or hotels where it will take time to implement infrastructure improvements, or switch to hydrogen or electric powered solutions to reduce absolute carbon emissions.  As global leaders

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