Step by step – our pathway to decarbonising our operations

APM Terminals’ pathway to decarbonisation is based on the increased use of renewable energy in owned and operated terminals, including a commitment to reach net zero across all scopes by 2040. This includes a switch to renewable electricity, direct electrification, battery electric mobile equipment, and moving from fossil to green fuels whenever possible. Source: APM Terminals As a significant share of APM Terminals’ emissions come from purchased electricity (so called scope two emissions), a near-term priority for us is to double down on switching to renewable electricity from on-site or offsite sources. During 2022 we took several actions on this front including switching to full operations on renewable electricity for eight terminals in Europe and Port Elizabeth, USA, based on purchase of renewable electricity from local utilities, and we commissioned a 1 MW onsite solar plant in Pipavav, India. APM Terminals also purchased over 180 pieces of electric or hybrid container handling equipment in 2022. Addressing challenges starts with a plan The challenge in addressing terminal emissions is the fragmented footprint across almost 4000 pieces of equipment and nearly 40 different locations with unique infrastructure, regulatory and concession context. To tackle this, we have developed and implemented local terminal end-to-end

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