Digitisation of airspace for the use of drones

The Port Authority has to prepare the airspace for these applications and is therefore setting up a U-Space Airspace prototype – more or less the counterpart of air traffic control for aircraft. To test in practice how we should organise the airspace over the port and keep it safe, the Port Authority has entered into a partnership agreement with software supplier Airwayz. Source: Port of Rotterdam Drones will be a common phenomenon in the skies over the port of the future. To make the port more efficient and safer, drone companies will provide more services in the next few years. It is also expected that drones will be deployed for longer-distance flights, manned as well as unmanned. Airwayz supplies the Unmanned Traffic Management system (UTM), which offers air traffic control services for very-low-level (VLL) airspace. These services are used by drone operators and include flight permission and deconfliction services. First of all, it is essential that manned and unmanned flights in the lowest airspace are visualised. The protocols, procedures, agreements and risk profiles with respect to airspace are drawn up by the Port of Rotterdam Authority as the port manager and by the government as the legislator. This makes the

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