Port welcomes carb rules on locomotives, trucks

Source: Port of Long Beach

From Port of Long Beach Executive Director Mario Cordero: The California Air Resources Board’s recent actions to improve the air we breathe by requiring cleaner locomotives and zero-emissions heavy-duty vehicles in the state are welcome and needed steps by the state’s top air quality regulator.

The Port of Long Beach embraces CARB’s new rules, which mirror and support the 2017 update of our own San Pedro Bay Clean Air Action Plan. Our CAAP seeks to bring cleaner locomotives to this region and requires zero-emissions trucks by 2035, and CARB’s actions will certainly bolster our efforts and bring healthier air to all Californians.

We will continue to forge ahead with our investments in and work on developing the clean air technology and network that will help this state and the San Pedro Bay ports to achieve these historic and groundbreaking advances in environmental sustainability.

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