CLIA Statement in Response to Transport Canada’s Announcement Regarding Environmental Measures

Source: CLIA

CLIA applauds Canada’s decision to welcome cruise ships back for a 2022 season. This decision allows the tourism sector to start rebuilding the 30,000 jobs and more than $4 billion in economic activity that were generated by the cruise industry across Canada prior to 2020, while strengthening connections to neighboring regions. 

Transport Canada’s announcement today regarding newenvironmental measures is a result of ongoing dialogue with the cruise industry and reflects the industry’s commitment to environmental stewardship and continually advancing environmental sustainability practices. CLIA cruise line members have instituted industry policies that in many cases are more comprehensive than national and international regulations on wastewater discharges. For example, CLIA members must implement a mandatory CLIA policy to not discharge untreated sewage in the ocean, anywhere, anytime, under normal operations even though international regulations allow such discharges within specific guidelines. Many CLIA members’ ships are equipped with Advanced Waste Treatment Systems (AWTS), and all new ship builds will use AWTS, which treat wastewater to a tertiary level, a higher standard than wastewater treatment facilities in some coastal cities in both the United States and Canada.

CLIA and our member cruise lines will continue to engage with Transport Canada to work together in pursuit of the agency’s intent with the new measures and to help correct misunderstandings reflected in recent third-party advocacy reports.


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