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Port of Valencia: more trains, longer trains, more goods and more containers

Source: Valenciaport The railway is gaining more weight in the Port of Valencia. 13 trains a day, 90 a week, 380 trains a month. In total, 4,634 trains entered or left the Valencian precinct in 2022, 9% more than in 2021. Trains that are longer, with more wagons and carrying more containers and goods. And the trend for the coming years is that this figure will continue to increase, both in Valencia and in Sagunto, the latter port where work is being done on rail access. This is no coincidence. It is the commitment that the Port Authority of Valencia (PAV) has been making for years to promote the rail-sea interconnection for the transport of goods. The objective is clear: to considerably increase the 4% share of the train in the movement of goods and products in order to get closer to the European average of 18%. In fact, the APV has budgeted 240 million Euro for actions with the locomotive and wagons as the main characters, in addition to other projects such as the Valencia-Madrid railway motorway, the support to loading points in its hinterland or the use of new technologies in the sector. According to the Port of

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Valenciaport awards a new solar plant with a surface area of 27,700 m2

Source: Valenciaport The Board of Directors of the Port Authority of Valencia (PAV) has approved this morning the award of the construction and maintenance of the solar energy plant to be located on the roof of the vehicle silo of Valencia Terminal Europa in the East dock of the Port of Valencia to the joint venture made up of Lantania S.A.U and Tecmo Instalaciones, Obras y Servicios S.A. The awarding of the contract, which, being more than 12 million euros, must be approved by the Board of Directors of the APV, amounts to 16,060,707.27 euros including VAT, with a period for the execution of the works of 19 months and 36 months for maintenance. The solar station will be located on a surface area of 27,700 m2 – equivalent to almost five football fields – on the roof of the terminal operated by the company Grimaldi. The infrastructure will have 10,773 photovoltaic modules installed on a metallic structure inclined at four degrees and facing south. Four transformers will be installed in two transformation centres with two units of 1,250 kilovolt-amperes (kVA) each and another two of 1,600 kVA. This installation will generate around 9,000 MWh/year, which represents approximately 11% of

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