supply chain C-suite

The importance of supply chain C-suite alignment

Source: Maersk The interest in supply chain logistics has skyrocketed since the COVID-19 pandemic. As The New York Times confessed, it didn’t have any journalists regularly reporting logistics until 2020. That quickly changed in the face of unprecedented delays and disruptions. And it’s not just the media that have awoken to the importance of logistics. Business executives are also taking a greater interest than ever before. For business executives, the C-suite, the shift in focus towards the supply chain goes back to the early stages of the pandemic. In the United States, the Bank of America observed that mentions of “supply chain” in earning calls by Fortune 500 companies’ chief executives went up 412% between 2020 and 2021. According to McKinsey, their 2022 survey was the first time business chief executives identified supply chain disruptions as being among greatest threats to growth for both their companies and their countries’ economies. They placed it ahead of the pandemic, labour shortages, geopolitical instability, wars, and conflicts. The 2020 supply chain crisis brought the supply chain to the attention of the C-suite, but ongoing unpredictability and disruptions need to keep it there. While many of the issues have eased since 2020, others have persisted and new challenges in the

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