Port of Hamburg handles 91.8 million tons of seaborne cargo

– Further growth in conventional general cargo– Container handling emerges well on European comparison– More Megamax-class containerships– Hinterland services near-stable Source: Port of Hamburg In the first nine months of the year the maritime industry in the Port of Hamburg handled 91.8 million tons of seaborne cargo, a 4.3 percent drop on the previous year. Also down 7.4 percent at 27.5 million tons, handling of bulk cargo was especially hard hit. In comparison with the rest of Europe, container handling held up well. At 6.3 million TEU – 20-ft standard containers – for the Port of Hamburg the downturn was 2.7 percent. By contrast, conventional general cargo handling progressed especially well, with 1.1 million tons crossing the quay walls of Hamburg, 19.3 percent more than in the previous year. Several developments simultaneously affected the Port of Hamburg cargo handling trend in the third quarter. “Causing long bottlenecks in ship traffic off Hamburg, among other ports, global supply chain disruptions were responsible for a fall in handling. In other European ports, the tendency had already become apparent in mid-year. Although we still performed well on a European comparison, in the third quarter global trends then hit the Port of Hamburg,” explained

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