The year 2022 closes with a 13.1% drop in the cost of export freight from Valenciaport

Source: Valenciaport The Valencia Containerised Freight Index (VCFI) closes the year 2022 with a fall of -13.10% in December compared to N

España: Los contenedores de export/import continúan con signo positivo en el mes de junio

Fuente: Valenciaport  Los contenedores llenos dedicados a la exportación y los de importación vuelven a crecer por segundo mes cons

Maersk strengthens its commitment in Pakistan: registers 33% growth in exports out of the country in the first quarter of 2022

Source: Maersk Maersk’s strong commitment towards Pakistani exporters is yielding solid results, as indicated by the growth in exports r

APM Terminals accelerates real-time data availability

Source: APM Terminals As container terminals deal with a surge in container volumes and increased dwell times, access to real-time data is