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The cost of export freight falls for the third consecutive month: in November it fell by 6.28%

The Valencia Containerised Freight Index (VCFI) in October stood at 4,146.26 points, which represents a fall of -6.28% compared to October This decline has been generalised in all the areas analysed by the VCFI. The Far East fell by 8.43% and the Western Mediterranean by 1.62% The idle containership fleet count during November has increased compared to the previous month Congestion levels are showing a downward trend, although still far from pre-pandemic levels This index is based on the export prices recorded by the Port of Valencia, a benchmark in the Mediterranean container world due to its volume Source: Valenciaport The Valencia Containerised Freight Index (VCFI) registers for the third consecutive month a decrease in the cost of export freight from Valenciaport. Specifically, in the month of November the fall was 6.28% compared to October, placing the Index at 4,146.26 points, thus accumulating a growth of 314.63% since the beginning of the series in 2018. The behaviour shown by all the areas that make up the VCFI has been downward, highlighting the drop in freight rates from the Indian Subcontinent (-10.14%), the USA and Canada (-9.72%), the Far East (-8.43%) and the Middle East (-8.24%). At the same time, the

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