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WPCAP: Creating global momentum for sustainable shipping

In addition to helping its 12 member ports decarbonize, the World Ports Climate Action Program (WPCAP) has contributed to the faster adoption of sustainability standards and measures in the wider shipping industry. That was the main take away from the 4th meeting of CEO’s and working group members of WPCAP, which was founded almost 5 years ago to accelerate actions to combat climate change in the maritime sector. Source: Port of Rotterdam “Back then we felt it was unjust that the shipping industry did not take part in the Paris climate agreement and to address this, we started WPCAP together.” said Allard Castelein, CEO of the Port of Rotterdam. “Today, this issue of climate change is top of mind with industry leaders and other stakeholders alike and I am proud of the initiatives that we have implemented in the past years. I believe these have helped speed up the transition of the industry at large and are testimony to our collaborative efforts.” The meeting focused on the work done to improve efficiency, aid the adoption of shore power, and accelerate the transition to clean shipping fuels. Members also discussed the decarbonization of cargo-handling equipment, noting in particular the potential of

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