Rail use at Green Gothenburg Gateway reaches new heights

The volume of containers transported by rail via APM Terminals Gothenburg increased by 13% this year compared to 2021, taking rail utilisation to record heights.

Source: APM Terminals

“The demand for climate-smart and reliable rail solutions is enormous. More than 55% of all goods now reach us by rail and I don’t envision a slowdown,” says Svante Altås, Sr. Sales Executive at APM Terminals Gothenburg. “During the year, we introduced a round-the-clock service to meet demand and create the capacity to handle any variations.”

APM Terminals Gothenburg launched the Green Gothenburg Gateway concept to link rail solutions from all over the country with direct shipping from the APM Terminals port. Since its launch, demand has increased dramatically.

More to come

In 2022, APM Terminals Gothenburg welcomed ten new shuttles, and expects to add the same number in 2023. Today, the company is handling 75 shuttles a week, which corresponds to 5,200 containers.

“It’s clear that there’s a great need for finding routes that lead to Gothenburg and beyond. We’re seeing particularly high demand from industrial companies in the north of Sweden,” says Altås. “I’m not surprised by the development. Rail offers high reliability and great climate benefits, which have been very important to the market in recent years.”

Investment in capacity

With a new track plan for 2023 (T23), APM Terminals in Gothenburg will add at least three new destinations. In addition, the terminal will introduce Optical Carrier Recognition (OCR) to provide real-time information about units arriving or leaving by rail. OCR technology will also scan all containers to detect any deficiencies.

To further streamline handling, create even more rail capacity, and to prioritise safety, a brake-checking facility has been created inside the terminal. “This measure is expected to save 24 hours per week, which gives us the opportunity to receive new shuttles and deal with deviations even more flexibly,” says Altås.


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