Port of Salalah retains position as world’s 2nd most efficient port

Salalah port has retained its place as the second most efficient container port in the world for the second year in a row. The ranking is taken from the 2022 Container Ports Performance Index (CPPI) published by the World Bank and S&P Global. The Port of Salalah also claimed the first position for the West Central and South Asia Region.

Source: APM Terminals

In its analysis to determine the best performing container ports in the world, the World Bank-S&P Global Market Intelligence, collects time stamps from 10 of the world’s largest liner shipping companies, which collectively operate close to 80 percent of the global container ship fleet capacity. In 2022, performance time stamp data and other information were analysed for the 348 ports capturing 156,813 port calls involving 243.9 million container moves. With 212 Index Points, the port of Salalah was just 3 points behind the port that took pole position.

The advantage offered by the Port of Salalah’s location, coupled with its growing connectivity and world-class operations, gives its customers an unparalleled competitive edge in a very competitive region.

Salalah’s status as a transhipment hub is also important for the growth of the local economy in Dhofar as importers and exporters benefit from the best-in-class connectivity the port offers to trade their products globally. Having a highly efficient port also improves local business confidence and therefore attracts further investment including foreign direct investment.

The Port of Salalah attributes this success and recognition to the commitment and continuous improvement mindset of the team, support from its customers, prompt services of the various authorities including but not limited to, the Ministry of Transport, communication and Information Technology, ROP Customs, and Asyad.

“Port of Salalah has again, for the second consecutive year, been recognized as the 2nd most efficient container port in the world. This is due to our outstanding performance, and it underlines the stability and commitment to serve our customers in the best possible way. I salute our hardworking employees for this great achievement, and I thank all the stakeholders around our business who supported us in achieving this milestone,” commented Keld Christensen, CEO Port of Salalah.

“It’s great to work with this talented and motivated team as the Port of Salalah continues its transformation to deliver for our customers. We have come a long way over the last five years, improving productivity by over 20% and driving a customer-centric focus throughout the entire organization. Our transformation only intensifies from here as we engage every team member to raise the bar,” said Scott Selman, COO of Port of Salalah.


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