Port of Rotterdam ‘best port during Corona’

Source: Port of Rotterdam

Maritime website has crowned Rotterdam as the port has sought the best solutions for crews over the past two Corona years. In the past ten days, the site’s readers were able to vote, which over 1,700 did.

According to Splash, there are many port cities that have made life difficult for crews over the past two years with ill thought out travel restrictions and bans on garbage disposal “Other port cities, however, have proven to be agile, responsive and willing to find solutions and it is this band of port communities Splash was keen to highlight and congratulate with this global survey.”

Commenting on coming out top in the pandemic poll, René de Vries, chief harbour master at the Port of Rotterdam, said: “Covid-19 have been difficult times for all of us. Despite the fact that we have announced and complied with strict precautions, we have always kept an eye on the impact on the seafarers of the ships visiting us. The human dimension is always our top priority in the port of Rotterdam. It is very nice and heartwarming that this is recognized by the readers of Splash. We thank them for the recognition and hope to welcome everyone back to our port soon without any restrictions.”


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