ONE: Ports of Los Angeles & Long Beach Container Excess Dwell Fee – UPDATE

Source: ONE-Port of Los Angeles

As a follow up to ONE’s previous Customer Advisories regarding the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. The Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach announced today that consideration of the “Container Excess Dwell Fee” would be held off another week, until January 10th, 2022.

Ocean Network Express (North America) Inc. is providing the following guidance to help their
customers in this new government issued implementation:

Effective January 10th, 2022, Ocean Network Express will utilize the eModal payment portal
to support the payment of “Container Excess Dwell Fee” (EDF) invoice prior to container
release from the ocean terminal. The single exception will be Total Terminals International
aka TTI who intend to collect this fee directly.

It remains unclear if containers on terminal prior to 11/15 will be billed from the Port Authority announcement if the charge, as previously advised, will in fact commence from 11/15 OR is being reset to 01/10.

ONE is seeking further clarification on this point, and we will provide an update when this is validated. Under the prior notice, Import containers on terminals as of 11/15 dwelling for more than 8 days will be counted as 9 days dwell in regards to the excess dwell fee. The charge will continue accumulating until picked up. All containers on terminals as of 11/15 will be counted from their date of discharge per the table of charges in this advisory. There is no maximum fee that will be applied and will continue to accrue until the container is off terminal.

If a container set for inland rail accrues excess dwell fees due to rail delays, the Port Authority will still impose the fee to carriers. Ocean Network Express at this time will not pass along to customers.

Containers on hold for Customs Exam are subject to the fee. Local store door truck moves will also fall within chargeable items under this fee. Lack of chassis will not exempt the fee. “No new surcharge” clauses in contracts do not exempt this fee as it’s a government mandated fee.


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