CLIA: Cruise Companies To Extend Suspension Of Operations In Brazil Until February 18

Source: CLIA

CLIA Brazil (Brazilian Association of Maritime Cruises) and its associates have taken the decision to extend for another 14 days the suspension of operations in the ports of Brazil, now scheduled until February 18, 2022.

The decision aims to analyze the evolution of the Brazilian epidemiological scenario and continue the necessary discussions with the competent national, state and municipal authorities, for the resumption of cruises.

According to Interministerial Ordinance number 666, published on January 20, 2022, to cruise ships return it´s necessary that all states and municipalities that receive the cruises are in accordance with the return of operations, in order to meet the procedures and requirements of the strict safety protocols established by Anvisa.

Cruises are the only segment that requires, before boarding for passengers and crew, extremely high levels of vaccination and 100% testing of each individual. In Brazil, the protocols require that all guests have the complete vaccination cycle, present negative tests before boarding, continuous testing on board, use of masks, social distancing and lower occupation of ships, among other protocols.

When cases are identified as a result of the high frequency of on-board testing, cruise ship protocols help maximize containment with rapid response procedures designed to protect all guests and crew, as well as the communities that ships visit. In addition, cruises are the only sector that continuously monitors, collects, and reports case information directly to government agencies.

Given this supervision and the exceptionally high rate of vaccination required on board, the incidence of serious illnesses is dramatically lower than on land, and hospitalizations have been rare.

Of a total of approximately 130,000 passengers transported between November 5 and January 3, 2021, about 1,100 cases were confirmed, representing less than 1% of the total number of people served (including guests and crew).

CLIA ocean-going cruise line members will continue to work together with the authorities, always guided by science and the principle of putting people first, with proven measures that are adapted according to scenarios and that ensure the protection of the health of passengers, crewmembers and the communities that receive the cruises.

The five cruise ships of the season are anchored on the coast of Santos, already prepared for the resumption, with the protocols fully implemented and more than 7,000 Brazilian and foreign crew members on board ready for work.

It is estimated, according to a study by CLIA Brazil in partnership with FGV (Fundação Getúlio Vargas), that each ship generates around R$ 350 million of impact for the Brazilian economy. Every 13 cruisers, one job is generated.

The current season, which began in November 2021, was expected to move more than 360,000 tourists, with an impact of R$ 1.7 billion, in addition to the generation of 24,000 jobs, involving an extensive chain of sectors of the economy, including trade, food, transportation, lodging, tourist services, agency, receptive and fuel, among many others.

Protocols in force in Brazil

  • Mandatory full vaccination for guests and crew members (eligible under the National Immunization Plan).
  • Pre-shipment testing (PCR up to three days before or Antigen up to one day before travel).
  • Frequent testing of at least 10% of the people on board and crew.
  • Reduced capacity on board to facilitate the social distancing of 1.5m between groups and allow the distribution of cabins reserved to isolate potential cases.
  • Mandatory use of masks.
  • Completion of personal health form (DSV – Traveler’s Health Statement).
  • Fresh air without constant recirculation, disinfection and sanitization.
  • Contingency plan with specially trained medical staff and structure with modern resources for guest and crew care.
  • Traceability measures and daily communication with ANVISA, Municipalities and States.


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