APM Terminals Poti invests in Safer, Better, Bigger operations

APM Terminals Poti’s multi-million-dollar investment plan continues this year. The modernisation of existing infrastructure and equipment at Georgia’s largest port are increasing capacity, improving safety and efficiency, and reducing environmental impact.

Source: APM Terminals

The Port’s most recent purchase of two, 40m3 Hydraulic Bulk Discharge Hoppers will allow bulk cargo to be discharged more efficiently, with minimal dust or cargo loss. Cargo can be loaded into the hopper even when there is no truck underneath. This is more efficient, results in safer loading of the truck and minimises over/underloading.

Reduced spillage

As well as offering a cargo discharge rate of up to 10,000MT per day, the hoppers also offer better cargo care and environmental performance as the controlled release of cargo dramatically reduces spillage of cargo onto the quay. Two conventional hoppers have also been built in Poti by APM Terminals’ highly trained local maintenance and engineering team, giving even more flexibility to operations.

“We are lifting global trade and making our port a safer and better place for the future; we care about our people and our customers, and this is why we constantly strive to make services more productive, efficient, and reliable for our stakeholders,” says Managing Director of APM Terminals Poti, Julián Fernández. “I believe these investments and constant infrastructure improvements will make APM Terminals Poti the terminal of choice for our partners.”

Improved bulk cargo discharge efficiency

Additional investments for bulk cargo include an Excavator, a Front End Wheel Loader, and a Skid Steer loader. This equipment enables more efficient discharge operations, and aids in fast and effective trimming of cargo in the holds of vessels – a process that is essential to the safe and efficient loading of bulk vessels.

Despite the investment in new equipment significantly reducing spillage and dust, APM Terminals Poti has also invested in a special vacuum truck. This continuously cleans the area during operations and immediately after completion, to reduce environmental impact.

Secure and eco-friendly rotainers

A significant investment has been made in 80 rotainers, which provide one of the most environmentally friendly and efficient ways of transporting and loading bulk cargo – no spillage and a drastic reduction in dust emissions during vessel loading operations.

Rotainers also increased cargo security as the cargo is secured with a lid after loading, giving full protection from both theft as well as spillage or dust emission during land transportation. The lid is only removed as the container is being loaded into the vessel using specially designed revolving container lifting gear.

To maximise efficiency across APM Terminals Poti’s berths, two new 12 m3Grabs have been purchased for use with the new hoppers, allowing for simultaneous bulk cargo discharge at two berths. In addition to this, APM Terminals Poti has acquired a material handler to efficiently discharge and load smaller vessels. The equipment will also be used to improve cargo reception/dispatch from the port.

Poti Port receives thousands of imported cars annually. To accommodate growing volumes each month, two 16 Ton Forklifts have been added to the existing fleet for faster and safer operations.

“We are focussed on modernizing infrastructure and port technology,” Mr. Fernández added. “Since taking over the management of the port, APM Terminals has invested tens of millions in port revival. This is only the beginning, as we see continued opportunities for improvement through targeted investments to support more efficient, environmentally friendly operations.”


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