APM Terminals Moin improves performance and efficiency with Prime Route

Source: APM Terminals

Earlier this year, the Moín Container Terminal (TCM) became the first of the company’s terminals in Latin America to implement Prime Route and one of the first globally. During its first two months of operation, the system has improved terminal tractor and STS cranes productivity and helped shorten vessel stays.

With the implementation of Prime Route, the whole terminal becomes one pool and the system then automatically calculates and assigns instructions based on advanced algorithms taking in consideration the shortest distance, dual cycling and STS cranes speeds and other operational aspects. This helps improve the terminal tractors utilization and productivity, helping to deliver a better service to our customers and reduce our carbon footprint.

“The Prime Route system is a tool that dynamically optimizes work tasks. A computer makes decisions in real time. Manually it would be impossible to process so much information and organize it in such a short time as the system does,” commented Emil Apostol, Execution Manager.

Previously, several tractors were assigned to work exclusively for a specific crane. This meant that tractors could be operating with an empty load more than 50% of the time, since it would take a container to the yard and return without a load. They would also remain idle if the STS crane stops for any reason.

These types of innovation and APM Terminals‘ proactive approach, allows it to continually break performance records and improve our customers experience.

“The TCM is a state-of-the-art terminal, where many improvements and projects are implemented or planned for the near future. The Prime Route implementation in Costa Rica has been very swift, thanks to the good effort and preparations that was carried out by the excellent local talent, as well as the global support received, to define the right parameters and train the teams. In addition to performance improvements, this project is essential to reach our zero-carbon ambition, as it helps us optimize the equipment deployment, reduce distance traveled by same equipment, and ultimately shorten vessels port stay, allowing our client’s vessels to set sail faster and consume less bunker,” added Mehdi Ben Mouloud, Chief Operating Officer.

This is part of a bigger plan for APM Terminals Moin, involving multiple projects to enhance the terminal services and capabilities, with a relentless pursuit to offer world class customer experience.


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