APM Terminals is now operating with the most advanced TOS in the port of Valencia

Source: APM Terminals

APM Terminals Valencia has successfully completed the implementation of Navis N4 as its new terminal operating system (TOS). A process that began last Friday night, 4 February, with the scheduled interruption of operations for the migration of data, followed by the restart of the vessel operations during the weekend, as well as on Monday in the land part. Both will gradually increase their performance as issues related to the process are addressed. 

Navis N4 is the world standard for operating systems in APM Terminals‘ global network, and will enable its Valencia facilities to have the most advanced TOS in the port, improve processes and optimize its planning to increase productivity, with the aim of continuing to grow to become one of the leading terminals in the Mediterranean.  

“Growth is one aspect, and it is the commitment of our management team, but the cultural change that Navis N4 brings is the most important thing for me. During all this time before Go Live we have worked together with our stevedoring colleagues with the necessary generosity to achieve this change that offers us common objectives and competitiveness, and that is what I am most excited about,” said Carlos Arias, APM Terminals Spanish Gateways Managing Director.

“The implementation of a new operating system on a terminal is not an easy process which is usually done every two decades. Of course, there are issues that only arise when the system is in production. I won’t deny that we have had issues, but I won’t deny that they are being addressed in record time. A good example is the operation at the gates, which within 48 hours have gone from being at 50% of their capacity to operating normally. There are also problems in the maritime operation, but they are being solved and we hope to operate normally in the next few days,” he added.

APM Terminals Valencia invested 5 million dollars in Navis N4 and spent more than 2 years setting up and training the team to provide access to the best management tools and the possibility of increasing the yard’s capacity by 10%.


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