Veracruz Shipyard reopens under MEC Repairs resilient approach

Image courtesy MEC Repairs

MEC Repairs reopens the Veracruz yard and finishes first successful project since its reactivation on May 2019. The project consisted of a routine drydocking of the vessel ANDRES FELIPE IV from our friends over at Pacific & Caribbean Cargo. The hull and deck area were blasted to SA2.0 standard and fully painted. Certified welding works also took place in order to recuperate the integrity of the hull and its structures. Revision and repairs also were made to the propulsion system, namely a straightening of the rear shaft lines. All in all, the project was a total success!

Image courtesy MEC Repairs

The Veracruz slipway yard had been out of operations for the last three years. Recently, however, MEC Repairs invested in reopening the yard with higher standards than ever before. Major repairs were made to the winch, the rails and ship beds, which are the heart of any docking maneuver. Also, the electrical systems of the yard were overhauled to perform more efficiently, and an emergency generator was installed. Complete overhaul and maintenance were done to all machinery in the lathe workshop (tornillería). In way of safety the entire fire protection system was rehabilitated. Other overall improvements were made to remaining infrastructure of the yard.

Image courtesy MEC Repairs

Looking towards the future, MEC Repairs is strategically positioned to adapt to the changing needs of the Maritime industry and is poised to become an International leader in maritime and heavy industries.

About MEC Repairs: MEC Repairs is a company that specializes in providing service to the marine and heavy industry by combining different disciplines such as welding, electrical, surface preparation, mechanics, commercial diving, project management, and overall engineering developments to offer integral solutions for repair, construction, or maintenance projects. Main headquarters are in Veracruz, Panama, but the company offers its services internationally as well as the entire country including Pacific and Atlantic coasts be it on land or water.

Image courtesy MEC Repairs

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