Statoil makes new gas discovery near North Sea Valemon field

SStatoil has made a new gas discovery on the Valemon field, called Valemon West, estimated to contain between 20 and 50 million barrels of oil equivalent, the company said.

“This is an important discovery for the further development of Valemon,” said Gunnar Nakken, Statoil’s senior vice president for the operations west cluster, which covers the company’s Bergen-operated fields.

Valemon, which started production in Jan. 2015, is a gas and condensate field in the North Sea between Kvitebjørn and Gullfaks South, around 160 kilometres west of Bergen. It contains approximately 192 million barrels of oil equivalent. Gas from Valemon is transported via the existing pipeline from Huldra to Heimdal, which is a hub for further transportation to European gas markets.

“These new reserves can be put on stream immediately and will add considerable value. The discovery proves that there are still good opportunities in the North Sea, an area we know well, and its infrastructure is extensive,” Nakken said in a statement.

The well was drilled 160 kilometres north-west of Bergen. This is the seventh exploration well that is being drilled in production licence 193 D, Valemon Unit, Statoil said.

The exploration well was drilled from Valemon by the jackup rig West Elara to a vertical depth of 4,337 metres below sea level. Water depth in the area is 133.5 metres. The well is currently being completed and put on stream from the Valemon platform.

“We are very pleased to announce our second discovery in 2017. Discoveries like this one and Cape Vulture are valuable contributions to existing fields,” said Jez Averty, Statoil’s head of exploration in Norway and the UK.

The Valemon reservoir is complex because it is fragmented and also because of its high pressure and high temperature.

The Valemon Unit partners are Statoil Petroleum AS (operator, 53.775 per cent), Petoro AS (30 per cent), Centrica Resources (Norge) AS (13 per cent) and A/S Norske Shell (3.225 per cent).


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