New EQUASIS MoU signed

EMSA informs that the Equasis Memorandum of Understanding has been extended to cover environmental data on individual ships and operators at a signing ceremony held at IMO on 6 July which marked the 15 years of promoting ship safety and quality.
All IMO member states, Equasis data providers and the nine contributing maritime authorities attended this ceremony, organised by France and EMSA as cochairs of the Equasis Supervisory Committee.
During his opening speech, EMSA’s Executive Director praised Equasis’ 15 years of public service. IMO Secretary-General, Kitack Lim spoke of the importance of Equasis for the promotion of safe and quality shipping around the globe.
The amended MoU was signed by Brazil, Canada, France, Japan, Norway, Spain, the Republic of Korea, UK, US and EMSA. EMSA has been participating in Equasis on behalf of the European Commission since 2003 and hosting the Equasis Management Unit since 2009.

Source & Image Credit: EMSA

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