Drewry: world container index up by 0.9%

Source Hellenic Shipping News

The composite index increased 0.9% this week and likewise, 16% up as compared with same period of 2018.

The average composite index of the WCI, assessed by Drewry for year-to-date, is US $1525/40ft container, which is $49 higher than the five-year average of $1477/40ft container.

Two-year spot freight rate trend for the World Container Index:

via HSN

Drewry’s composite World Container Index (WCI) increased 0.9% or $12 to reach $1,342.19 per 40ft container. Freight rates on Shanghai-Los Angeles went up by $38 to $1542 for a 40ft container. Similarly, rates on Shanghai-Genoa grew $9 and stood at $1483 per feu. Likewise, freight rates on Shanghai-Rotterdam inched up by $6 to reach $1318 for a 40ft box. Drewry expects that the rates will remain stable next week.

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