ClassNK launches internet of ships platform at Sea Asia

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ClassNK launches Internet of Ships platform at Sea Asia
via SMN

ClassNK (B2 – T01e) chose Sea Asia 2019 to announce the launch of its global data utilization platform IoS-OP (Internet of Ships – Open Platform), by its wholly owned subsidiary Ship Data Center Co Ltd (ShipDC).

With many shipowners, managers and service providers keen to access the power of big data the IoS-OP is a platform for data distribution and utilization under common rules.

The IoS-OP aims to create what ShipDC characterises as a “new maritime cluster for the digital age”. The IoS-OP will establish a cooperative domain where users will collect and safely store data at ShipDC and the data will be distributed under common rules agreed by the stakeholders.

Ship data is shared among stakeholders without compromising the position of the data providers such as shipowners, ship operators allowing for data driven innovation which can lead to new business models and services.

Yasuhiro Ikeda, president of ShipDC said: “We have prepared a platform where everyone could have a win-win relationship under the agreed rules. Now, it is time to invite everyone to join the initiative to create innovation in the maritime industry.”

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